Muvon Bikes

Empower Your Guests with Eco-Friendly Mobility

Enhance your property’s amenities by offering our premium, eco-friendly bike rental service. Generate significant monthly income with our high-quality bicycles and exceptional 24-hour customer support.

Unlock the Power of Sustainable Transportation

Generate significant monthly income with our high-quality bicycles!

Discover how Muvon Bikes can transform your property into a destination for eco-conscious travelers and cycling enthusiasts alike.

Reliable Income Stream

Earn a steady income with a 20% commission on every bike rental.

Premium Quality Bikes

Provide your guests with top-of-the-line Muvon bikes, designed for comfort and versatility.

24/7 Customer Support

Benefit from our around-the-clock service, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your guests.

Eco-Friendly Travel

Attract eco-conscious guests by offering sustainable travel options.


Universal Design: Suitable for all types of clothing.

Wide Basket: Ideal for long rides or local shopping.

Coated Tires: Ensure a smooth ride on any surface.

Comfortable Seats: For longer and more enjoyable rides.

Shimano Speeds: Provides reliable performance in speed shifting.

Super Secure Lock: Integrated into the frame for maximum security.

Shaft Drive: Less maintenance and more durability.

Dashboard Advertising Space: Leverage your Muvon Bike’s dashboard as a powerful advertising platform to boost your visibility.

→ Our Premium Bikes!
Key Features:

Space Path Model Bike*

spacepath 123
  • Universal Design
  • Wide Basket
  • Shimano Speeds
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Coated Tires
  • Super Secure Lock
  • Shaft Drive
  • Dashboard Advertising Space

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Receive Beautiful Bikes and Muvon Materials

We’ll quickly equip your property with high-quality, well-maintained bicycles and all necessary branding materials.

Rent Muvon Bikes to Your Guests

Offer your guests easy access to our bicycles and see increased satisfaction

Earn Monthly for Each Rental

Enjoy a steady income stream with a 20% commission on each rental made through your property, starting from day one

→ Interested in a trial?

Try our Muvon Free Ride for 10 days on a trial basis

We’re excited to potentially partner with you and demonstrate the advantages of having a Muvon Rental Spot at your location. Take advantage of this commitment-free opportunity to see how we can enhance your guests’ experience.

Your questions, answered!

  • The Muvon system is designed to activate a new Muvon point in just one day.

Yes, a secure, accessible space is needed to store the bikes when not in use.

No worries, you can still be part of the Muvon network by opting for our delivery point option. We will deliver bikes to your location via our fast delivery service in less than one hour.

Muvon handles all maintenance and repairs, ensuring bikes are always ready to ride.

You will receive marketing materials, operational support, and 24/7 customer service from our dedicated team.

We offer the Muvon Space Path, a premium bicycle. Prices start at $12 per day, and we frequently have promotions and online specials.



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