Cozumel from the Playa

Cozumel at Muvon is an experience that no one can miss. You can go around the island thanks to the fact that it has a bike lane that guarantees free and calm transit. You can reach unique destinations where you set the limit. We invite you to look for the colorful letters of "Cozumel" and take a photo with your Muvon travel companion

  • Пляж

  • Покупка

  • Ресторан

  • Местные продукты питания

  • Природа

  • Сенот

Что нужно знать:

To get to the Island take the Ferry, with an approximate cost of 25 Usd round trip. You will be able to access the ship with your Muvon from the rear, you will be asked to place your Muvon on a rail. Ferries leave every hour.



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магазин 2022 наклейки мин 1

магазин 2022 наклейки мин 1

магазин 2022 наклейки мин 1

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