Discovering the world together.

Explore cities with a heart for sustainability. At Muvon, our electric cars and bike rentals redefine tourism. Rediscover the world; travel green, lets travel together.

→ Transportation: Book a Premium Electric Transfer Experience

With our direct pickups and drop-offs from your hotel to the airport terminal and back, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

→ Get your muvon bike with just one click!

Explore the Mexican Caribbean with Muvon’s eco-friendly bike rentals. Discover breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures on premium bicycles. Experience picturesque routes and local gems. Your adventure awaits with Muvon, the top bike rental service.

Discover: Cenotes, beachfront restaurants, natural reserves, bays, coral reefs, town squares, lagoons, hotel zones, ancient ruins, national parks, beaches, coastal lagoons, adventure parks, craft markets, jungle trails, mangroves, reef parks, eco parks, local cuisine restaurants, beach parks, Mayan sites, eco-archaeological parks, colorful lagoons, sandbanks, public docks, botanical gardens, eco-friendly bike trails, public beach accesses, island beaches, jungle zip line tours, local farm tours, turtle conservation areas, snorkeling sites, nature hiking trails, marine sanctuaries, cultural centers, archaeological museums, scenic viewpoints, volcanic landscapes, river expeditions, bird watching reserves, sustainable eco-resorts, artisanal fishing villages, and traditional festivals and events.

→ Muvon with us!

Become a partner and get a Muvon spot today!

Start earning a 20% commission on all rentals and reservations. Enhance your property’s amenities and provide exceptional service to your guests.

Ideal for: luxury hotels, resorts, exclusive villas, high-end Airbnbs, boutique hostels, tourist complexes, elegant inns, guest houses, premium vacation apartments, designer boutique hotels, and beachfront homes.

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