Don’t miss the chance to move around Tulum & Playa del Carmen in a Muvon bike:

Biking is the most efficient form of transportation compared to others. Therefore, muvon have started a sustainable and eco friendly bike rental in Mexico.

Opt your choice among the 4 Best Eco-friendly Bicycles:

Tulum and Playa are filled with beautiful spots but don’t be foolish to approach these on your cars as for sure you will miss something. Just one click here can make your trip breathtaking. There are 4 different bicycles available at cheap rental rates. Our bicycles are made for your comfort. They are free of flat tire and chain problems. Muvon bikes are eco-friendly as they do not produce any greenhouse gases. It’s all pollution-free.

No gas, no traffic, and parking at free of cost without any fear of being stolen. These Earth buddies are designed to promote a healthy environment. Our bicycles are made of such an environmentally friendly material that helps to make use of solar power techniques. Moreover; it does not require any oil or gas so it helps to save nonrenewable resources.

Freedom is riding a Bicycle:

Riding a cycle helps you to enjoy the outside world with your naked eye. The unexpressive charming feeling of the air when it touches your face is truly admirable. Hence bicycling is fun and interactive too. Besides, it adds up to a healthy routine in our busy schedules. It’s mainly an aerobic activity. It allows you to breathe deeply and improves the overall fitness of your body. It also decreases the level of stress and enhances posture and coordination. It’s a free work-out!


Bicycling is flexible! You can go anywhere, at any place, at any time of the day. No need to worry about its service, for its fuel or its space. It’s easy to move around. 


Tulum ruins are famous for its best archeological sites to visit. However, the passage from Tulum ruins to town is quite long which can be really hard on barefoot. But there is nothing to worry about. Why burn your feet in hot summers when Muvon eco-friendly bicycles are available on your doorstep 24/7. So explore the beautiful town in a more plushy way by renting our eco-friendly services.

Bicycles: Your Ultimate Partner while stepping out of homes during COVID-19

How to prevent yourself from crowded places while going out for groceries during the hit of COVID ’19? Bicycling helps to get rid of this pandemic disease. It does this in many ways such as cycling help to strengthen our muscles and bones.

Traveling solo on cycles can maintain 6 feet distance. Park your eco-friendly bicycles in vacant places and help your earth go Green.